Dr. Raj Kumari Natani, Anesthesiologist

Dr. Rajkumari Natani, one of the strongest Piller of Rishi Orthopedic Hospital, is an Anesthesiologist by her profession. Dr. Rajkumari has done her MBBS from JLN Medical college Hospital, Ajmer. Her speciality in anesthesia, which she did from SMS Medical college hospital, Jaipur. After Post graduation she has did her further training at Dindayal Upadhaya Hospital, Delhi.

Dr. Rajkumari Natani has spent a long time in training gaining experience in various different subspecialties of anesthesiology and undertake various advance post graduate examinations and skill assessments. These lead her to a award of a specialist qualification at the end of her training. She provide medical care to patients in many different ways. During preoparative evaluation, in consultation with the surgical team, she use to create an anesthetic plan tailored for each individual patient taking into consideration the patient’s medical history and the type of surgical procedure planned. This may include invasive monitoring (TEE, CVP, Arterial Pressure), neuraxial nerve block (spinal or epidural), peripheral nerve block (selectively anesthetizing a specific part of body), and/or various levels of sedation including reversible unconsciousness know as “genera anesthesia”. She is a acute care physician and as such often provide intensive care techniques, as she is an expert of airways management, intra-operative life support and provision of pain control, intra-operative diagnostic stabilization, and proper post operative management of patients. Her slope of practice also involves in hospital and pre hospital emergencies, work within intensive care units, acute pain units, and chronic pain consultation. Her particular interest is in regional anesthesia.
Dr. Rajkumari has work in Beawar since 2007. She provide anesthesia to patients of AMRIT KOUR HOSPITAL (a Govt. Hospital at Beawar) as a consultant faculty. She has also worked in JAI CLINIC, JAIN FERTILITY AND CHILD ICU HOSPITAL and ANAND HOSPITAL in Beawar. On the basis of her hard work, she has proved her ability and become a known face as an Anesthesiologist.
        Now, she has clamped her hands to serve rural peoples of Beawar in Rajasthan by joining RISHI ORTHO HOSPITAL.
Dr. Rajkumari Natani