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What Does Quality Mean To Us?

The word quality entails a lot inside of it. Especially when it comes to the medical field, the core of quality is formed by

• Skilled Manpower
• Using Advanced Technology
• Being Responsible Towards Our Patients:

These three factors form the core of our services because we believe that it is utmost necessary to have these facets of medical services in the pivot. In fact, having highly skilled and capable orthopedic surgeons working for us has always been our top priority.

Skilled Manpower

We have only the highest priorities when it comes to manning our orthopedic ranks with capable people. We make sure that we have only the qualified and well experienced orthopedic surgeons and experts working for us. Given that orthopedics is a highly sensitive and high-end medical job that requires a lot of training, practice and experience, we always make sure that no stone is unturned when manning our ranks with the right orthopedic doctors. This becomes an important priority especially when India is in need of capable and skilled people in these positions.

Using Advanced Technology:

Rishi Ortho Hospital is not very far behind when it comes to using advanced technology to carry out our surgical procedures with deep precision to the last inch. Rishi Ortho Hospital, Beawar is dedicated to using only the latest tech so that surgeries and other procedures can become not only less complicated but also faster and efficient. We believe that technology, coupled with human skill and experience can do wonders in the medical field and therefore the combination of the two has to exist in any medical facility that is dedicated to bringing only the highest level of services to its patients.

Being Responsible Towards Our Patients:

At Rishi Ortho Hospital, we have always taken care that none of our staff shows any kind of unprofessional behavior towards our patients so that they have a blissful experience while they are under our care. Especially, when it comes to our medical staff, they are highly experienced and trained which makes them not only professionally edged but also emphatic towards the patients. This is something that lacks in the Indian medical scenario but at Rishi Ortho Hospital, we make sure that it is a part of the treatment. We make sure that there are no delays in the schedule whatsoever and that the doctors are answerable to patient queries and requests.


Rishi Orthopedic, Beawar offers a multitude of orthopedic services in addition to the basic facilities that are a must in any high quality hospital. The hospital is equipped with 20 beds and also a service lift for smooth logistics, along with highly trained nurses for assisting the medical staff.

The hospital is equipped with several orthopedic facilities such as a digital X-Ray lab, OT as well as ICU for treating cases of orthopedic trauma at the right time. The hospital also has trained physiotherapists and capable anesthetists who aid our core medical team to help our patients recover fast.

The hospital also has several facilities for orthopedic emergencies such as basic spine surgery, joint replacement and other orthopedic surgeries.

You can also get arthroscopy done here. The hospital is also equipped with a semi-modular operation theater.

The hospital also has a well-equipped and high-end cabin bed available.